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Golden Rule: “Always make those above you feel comfortably superior and brilliant”


1.) Always flatter, compliment and praise your master discreetly.

***Be careful of overdoing this since the master could eventually sense your deceitfulness

General Examples:

Make it seem that you need his/her help. Intentionally commit harmless mistakes which would enable you to ask for his/her assistance.

Make it seem that he/she is the ultimate source of your amusement and laughter.

2.) Keep in mind that you can unintentionally outshine a master by merely being your charming, pleasant, charismatic and graceful self. Do not go too far in displaying your talents – you might cause and draw insecurities and fear from the master. Learn effective strategies so that they would not be insecure of your exceptional qualities.

3.) If the master already respects you and treats you as a special person, do not think that you can already do anything you want. Have a sense of your limits.

4.) If the superior is already on the process of falling, do not be afraid of surpassing him. You don’t have to be merciful. Hasten his/her downfall. Estimate his power and from there, find ways to outwit him. But, if the master is already very weak, do not do anything, be patient, and let nature take its course.

Following the observance of Galileo:

Galileo, an astronomer and mathematician in the 1600s, gained support for his researches by following Law 1. He used his discovery of the 4 moons of Jupiter as a tool for honouring the Medicis’ greatness. First he made Jupiter, the mightiest of the gods, as the Medici symbol. Furthermore, he connected the reign of the Medicis to the shining and the ascending of the stars. He told them that Cosimo I was like Jupiter and his 4 brothers were the moons which were revolving around him. Because the family was greatly pleased with what they heard from Galileo, they made him his official court philosopher and mathematician with a full salary.

Avoiding the mistake of Fouqet:

After the death of the prime minister of France in 1661, Nicolas Fouqet expected to be the successor. In order to assure his victory among the others, he planned suck up to King Louis XIV by honouring him as a guest in his extravagant party. Unfortunately, his plan backfired. His huge palace, money, popularity and magnificence intimidated the King and caused him to be insecure. As a result, the King framed him. Fouqet was arrested the next day and was accused for stealing from the country’s treasury. In the end, he was found guilty by the court and spent the rest of his life imprisoned.

Explanation and basis of Golden Rule and Reminders:

Masters and superiors often want to be the center of all attention. They want to be seen as more brilliant, intelligent, creative and powerful than others. Obviously, they always want to have a great reputation. More often than not, they want to have control and supremacy over their followers. Moreover, they want to be glorified all the time.

Of course, even masters have insecurities. People can’t help to be envious and resentful on the things don’t possess. As for these superiors, they always want to have a sense security in their position and qualities.

It is in the course of nature that power will eventually fade. I am sure that you will in the future be in the shoes and exceed the powers of your master. When the time comes…..

Remember that with great power. comes great responsibility.

Marion Adalia


History 18 Section N


trixie said...

Spiderman reference! Nice! :D
This somewhat reminds me of the Law 21. It is best to hide how smart you really are. When people feel that they are smarter than you, they tend to would put their guards down. This makes them more vulnerable to your attacks when the opportune moment comes (such as your 4th reminder).

Trixie Cruz
His18 - O

krizia said...
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krizia said...

Law 1 seems to be related to Law 22 (Use the Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness Into Power).

Both Law 1 and Law 22 deal with lowering yourself or humbling yourself. The difference is, Law 1 is more specific in actually suggesting that you need to actively glorify your master or superior, while Law 22 simply suggests that you refrain from letting your master or superior know that you are, in fact, skilled enough to outdo him/her. Simply said, it's like Law 1 tells you to make your superiors look good, and avoid making yourself look better (even if you know or feel you are), while Law 22 tells you to lay low and make your superiors think that they are still better than you and still have a hold on you.

This is interesting. Quite often, power is associated with extravagance and flaunting. And yet here we have two laws that associate power with the lowering of pride and the masking of potential to be greater. It suddenly makes me think that there's a very fine line between true humility and cunning.

Krizia Cureg
Hi18 O

Dexter Tanengsy said...

Indeed, I agree. Even masters have their own insecurities. But I do not like the idea wherein when your master weakens, you take advantage. He/She is your master. You owe him/her your allegiance. I believe that the point of not outshining your master is so that your master will unhesitatingly teach you, which will make you a better individual. In the end, even when he/she ages, it still stands. You are the student and he/she is the master.

Dexter Tanengsy, Hi18-N

dueyselphy said...

Dexter . . . on the contrary I would still agree with Marion because you master will never be great and supreme forever or for eternity. Every master has his peak during his reign, and when he has reached that peak, he starts to get deteriorated in terms of leadership skills, age and other factors.

Ergo (therefore fyi), it is right to complement and become "sipsip" to your leader as much as possible so that you gain his trust and when he starts to step down (for various reasons), you get a hold of his power. Indeed you have to be smart to exemplify this law.

Duey T. Guison

alex salaveria said...

"4.) If the superior is already on the process of falling, do not be afraid of surpassing him. You don’t have to be merciful. Hasten his/her downfall. Estimate his power and from there, find ways to outwit him. But, if the master is already very weak, do not do anything, be patient, and let nature take its course. "

This is a bit creepy, because you're just patiently waiting for someone to die. It's like you're just sitting in one corner, smiling, and watching your master breathe his last breath.

Alex Salaveria
HI18- N

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Why did they invent this law since the student will outshine the master anyway? Maybe this is a show of humility and respect for the master who has given his knowledge. It can be a show of thanks to the master for giving him the power. If you outshine the master, why not? you have more time to learn new things improving what the master taught and improving the art as well. maybe rename this law to acknowledge and give thanks your master.

Don Faylon

mariel said...

I believe that people who try to outshine their master usually end up disappointed. Keep in mind, he must still have some tricks up his sleeve that he was not able to teach you. Think Kill Bill or Kung Fu Panda, the Master may not have taught you all there is to know, so why bother risking it? You may be younger and at the prime of your years, but there is a great advantage that comes with being seasoned. Remember to keep on his good side and know your limits. Be grateful and always remember that without him, you are nothing.

And as the Great Yoda puts it so well,

"Much to learn you still have."

Marian Janelle C. Aliwalas
HI 18 N

katherine conde said...

It is true that by making those around you (or to those who think they are above you) feel comfortably superior, you’ll never attract them—you’ll never appear to be a threat to them, thus, this ensures your acquisition of power. You can always attack from behind (or below) anyway. Let the “Master” feel or think he’s just so brilliant, but the truth is, he’s just daft to think so. Also, do not go too far in displaying your talents for you might instigate fear and insecurity. This is bad for you—really bad.
Katherine Conde
Hi18 O

patricia said...

Most Laws of Power give off an sinister, everything-for-my-own-interest vibe. I am of the opinion that this is one of those 'actually nice laws'. It's good to know you don't have to be a complete ass to stay on top.

Some people may only observe this law just as they bide their time and wait for the moment they take over from their master, but as what Dexter had said, I'm not all for the idea of taking advantage of your master, even as he weakens. It is to him that you owe wherever you are at present. Give him the respect he deserves. He took you under his tutelage; don't stab him in the back for it. Desiring power to the extent of betraying your master's trust is just pure evil.

At the moment he is weak, offer your help. He had offered his to you when you had been as weak as he was (maybe even weaker)in the beginning.

Getting what you want--power, influence or whatever-- will come to you through the course of all this. If you are trust-worthy or skilled enough for the job.

Patty Geollegue

majic said...

masters are still human beings. meaning, they still commit mistakes and there will be times that you can outshine them even though they have not taught you "everything." you may use the past lessons he has taught you. It just depends on how you outwit the master. :)

Marion Adalia
Bs mgt

majic said...


i think that the law is for those who want to outshine the master as soon as possible. And there are instances that the master becomes obssessed with his/her position. This can be seen in the Marcos era. Marcos became very corrupt and even cheated his way so that his reign would be longer. Thus, the law is very applicable in this situations.

majic said...


Yes i agree with you. the two laws are actually related in some ways. I think that outshining the master will result to many losses and breakdowns and failures. But the apprentice must not quit if he still want to outshine the master. And if he fails at one point. he/she must read your law :)

majic said...


everybody has his era in a specific field. and there will be a time when you will reach the peak and will not get any better. thus, you will fall no matter what you do. the law doesn't explicitly state that you must wait for your master to die. Aging may actually cause the retirement of a leader/master. i think that he doesn't necessarily have to die in order for you to take over :)

majic said...

overall i still think that this is a good law. But, what's imprtant is the time you will use these reminders and the to whom you will use it. Morality is totally a different. There is a big difference in oushining a bad/unproductive/megalomaniac master rather than being selfish and bethroning a good leader.

Dan said...

If you would eventually surpass your master due to the laws of nature, wouldn’t it be better if surpassed your master at the time of peak (if you can and think there is nothing more to gain from your master)? This will definitely make others think that you are truly superior to your master rather than surpassing him during his decline.

Niko Falcon said...

"Dexter Tanengsy said...

...He/She is your master. You owe him/her your allegiance. I believe that the point of not outshining your master is so that your master will unhesitatingly teach you, which will make you a better individual. In the end, even when he/she ages, it still stands. You are the student and he/she is the master"

I think it is defensive enough to place yourself behind someone. If it were not for the fact that you are doing this to actually get an advantage then this law would be a law of weakness.

The point that this law is trying to make is that even though you are not outshining your master, you are in fact getting ahead of him behind the scenes. This goes well with idea of manipulations, trickery and other defensive strategies that other laws have promoted.

Recall law 2, "Never put too much trust on friends..." This is something we need to keep in mind when giving someone center stage. We should be very careful especially with our masters because if we have the mentality that our superior will give us unconditional love and has our best interest always at heart, then we might as well kneel down and give him/her the sword.

You may respect someone, you may love someone, you may give you allegiance to someone but never expect them to unhesitatingly want to teach you or look after your best interest.

In line with the theme of power, we must also not expect to always be in the shadow. It is sad to always be the subordinate even when the master is long gone.

I feel that even though it is a good strategy to never outshine the master, we should not stay there too long or we will always be lingering in the shadows. It is up to us to decide when to take the master's place and when we have that role, another will try to take ours, this is when other laws of power can come into play to maintain our rule as the news masters.

The new will always take over the old, it is inevitable.

Niko Falcon

Marcy Leonora V. Pilar said...

In desiring not to outshine one's master, I think power shall come in the form of protection. One, you won't cause enough intimidation to cause a rift between the both of you; and two, the absence of a rivalry ensures you that you still have your master on your side/behind your back.
However, development comes in outshining what was first to come. Outshining is necessary. One doesn't necessarily have to 'hasten the downfall of one's master' since, as Patty said, it's plain cruel and I think it's also very rude (You greatly owe who you are to your master). You don't have to push you master aside in order to take the limelight. I believe in just humbly proceeding and letting the new take over the old (like Scipio taking over Hannibal), and working out your own legacy. It all boils down to whoever is 'news that stays news.'

It's not too late!

Sean Paul Baldemeca said...

I like this law since it shows how chronic life is. The apprentice will eventually take over the master's role... But keep in mind that your master still have something to put out from his sleeves. Tricks that he haven't taught his apprentice yet in order for him to maintain his position. That is why the apprentice should wait for the right time when the master slips and commit a mistake. This is when you launch and quickly take over.

Eric said...

I guess one can look at this law in two ways:

1: Not to outshine your superiors--for them to favor you, (which I agree to)
2: Never outdo your mentors.

I personally think that if you want to achieve power, you should be pleasing in the eyes of those in power for you to be able to bask in the benefits of their power. However, hiding in the shadows of your masters/mentors -- can both be beneficial or detrimental. Keeping yourself beneath their glory can keep you allied with them, but you will never really be able to reach your fulles potential.

The choice is ours.

Eric Andres
HI 18 Section N

FrederickLim said...

I'd like to disagree with this law...

Then again, it's all perspective, i guess.

If you outdo your master and then rub it in his face, that's wrong. So very wrong. You just ditched the respect you had for him just so you could get bragging rights.

But, if you outdo him for the sake of proving his teachings correct and give him full credit for educating the previously uncivilized you... Then you have just provided your master with the most awesome moment any mentor could ever have. When his protege surpasses him for the betterment of whatever art or skill he has taught you...

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