Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Though many people consider those who speak verbosely as intelligent, there is wisdom in using less words than expected.

Saving on words brings about critical thinking. The more you economize, the more you ponder over every word you say. You end up committing less blunders and slips. Remember that you can never take back your words once you’ve said them.

Saving on words keeps you enigmatic and interesting. It makes your audience think more about the few, meaningful words you said--and they end up ingesting and understanding your message more. They end up hanging on to every word you say.

Saving on words makes you more intimidating. Keeping your cards to yourself helps you appear wiser and stronger than you actually are.

A lawyer was orienting a witness for an important testimony--and suddenly asks if he can see the witness’ watch. The latter, without thinking, told the time. The lawyer rebuked the witness, saying that he only wanted to see the watch, and was not at all interested in knowing the time. He then explained that in the witness’ stand, during a cross-examination, other lawyers will ask tricky questions, and if the witness isn’t careful, he might say unnecessary things that may totally discredit his honor and integrity.

Louis XIV was aware of this. When confronted by his advisers and ministers with many decisions, he refused to give comments and insights on the issues at hand--he simply said, “I shall see,” and acted on his own will. This quality of his is said to be the key to his power at that time.

Here, we can see how brevity is indeed the soul of wit. We must always remember though, that the choice is still in us to be as clear, or as ambiguous as we intend to be.

-Ricaredo S. Andres II (Eric) HI 18 Section N


Miguel Rojas said...

I agree with this law. You don't want people to expect more than necessary right?

In accounting, there is a principle called Conservatism principle, which states that accountants, when unsure, would rather understate an account rather than being conceived as fraudulent.

"Less is more", as they say.

Jedd Emille Chua said...

Speaking of "less is more", I would like to add other quotes concerning the matter:
1. "Less talk, less mistake"- silence is then became an excellent choice to prevent accidental/intentional mistake.
2. "What defiles a man is his tongue"- word's can ruin a human being's reputation.
3. "The tongue is full of deadly poison"- not only trouble can words be inflicted, but unpredictable danger as well.

So, use the mouth as wisely as possible.
-Jedd Chua Hi18 O

Dexter Tanengsy said...

I agree with this law. The lesser you talk, the less mistakes you tend to commit and yes, less is more. This can be seen in hanging endings. It is said that this is a style of writing, thought to be a creative way of ending a story. When we try to see, more often than not, they tend to be more power endings. Readers end up creating more sureal endings and usually, the authors get credited for this even though they was never intended these things to happen.

Dexter Tanengsy

Marcy Leonora V. Pilar said...

I like how you’ve put it Eric- "economize".
Hanging endings do add to the thrill of reading literary works as they captivate the readers to ponder on what they have read and what possibly could happen next. The pondering then becomes an exercise of imagining, and with imagining, the reader officially becomes hooked to what the powerful author has written. A concrete example would be riddles- they work like drugs.
The stress should then be placed on what one has to say, and on how one should say it. In writing consequently, content and style matter. Showering writing with flowery and obscure words never projects that much force.
In addition to what Miguel said, I also came across the word KISS in accounting (“Keep it Simple, Stupid”).

Marcy Leonora Pilar

Kamille Mercado said...

When I was younger,I tried to keep things to myself which eventually led all my bottled up emotions to pop out. So I then decided to always let my feelings and my opinions out no matter what...which got me into more trouble than before for true enough, the more I opened my mouth, the more trouble I got into as I offended people with unnecessary words. Too much or too little of anything is definitely wrong...but almost enough surely won't hurt.

--Kamille Mercado Hi18 N

janine cindy santiago said...

I am sure that each one of us wants our opinions to be heard. It always helps to voice out something about an issue. But saying less is sometimes better. Especially in wartime situations, there has to be a certain level of cunning. We have to conserve what we say, and prevents slipping of the tongue, which can lead to mistakes.

-Janine Cindy M. Santiago

camille martinez said...

"Brevity is the soul of wit."

-Shakespeare's Hamlet

Fewer words, greater impact. Speeches that are witty and concise are etched deeper into the consciousness of the audience. Lengthy speeches that try to sound smart by using big words can be seriously annoying.

Camille Martinez

Alexius John Tejedor said...

This law is quite erratic on some situations. What if the audience that is before you is unable to interpret from such few words? Not every person can understand many words, what more if that person can't understand the few and deep ones as well.

Alexius John Tejedor Hi-18 O

Lexx Aquino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lexx Aquino said...

A friend pointed this out to me: The more things you say, the bigger the chance of you uttering something false. As a response to this law, I think that through brief declarations and short statements a person can a actually say more-- more that what he actually means. Why? Because it's up to people to interpret whatever has been said, no matter how short it is.

And like what the others said, "Less is more"

Lexx Aquino

joanne atienza said...

This is so confusing. I don't know what to say at all. BUT, I believe you should always say what is ENOUGH. How come can you convince people if you are saying less than necessary?

Camille m.: "Speeches that are witty and concise are etched deeper into the consciousness of the audience." >> That is exactly the point. But SHORT SPEECHES do not mean they say less than what is needed.

Pia Maske said...

Saying less is NOT always better, especially if you leave your audience with a brief explanation of an insignificant point. Nevertheless, I agree with the contents of this entry.

Think about it: If you talk and talk and talk and articulate your opinions regarding every single issue, there will come a time when you're opinion will not be as valuable anymore, since you give it all the time.

Pia Angela J. Maske
II AB-MA Political Science
Hi 18, Section O

tashie_melevo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tashie_melevo said...

sometimes people who say more become too repetitive that they commit squirrel (in debate a squirrel argument is an argument is supported by the same argument [ie the sky is blue because the sky is blue]) and when this happens, people ask themselves if what you're saying still makes sense. its sometimes safe to say what you are confident in and stop at that because people tend to believe in what you're saying when you can be confident in it

Nastashja Melevo

luigiramirez said...

I agree with this law 100%! less is more, less is safer i believe. less is safer, no mistakes, a certain guarantee that the job will get done. The mouth, the power of voice is so vast.

Luigi Ramirez Hi18-O

bmgbes said...

I really like this law. Saying less adds a little mystery with what you say. You'd want people to think about what you're really saying. In other words, it would make you more intriguing.

Wouldn't it be better if you didn't keep on rambling on or beating around the bush when all you're doing is saying the same thing over and over again to try to make others understand what you've been trying to say?

Caution with the tongue is also important. You don't want to blab about something you didn't want people to know (not only speaking about those drunk or tactless moments) and end up regretting it.

-Bianca Michaela Bes, Hi18-O

Cooky Araneta said...

You can talk a lot, but are you actually saying anything?

I agree that we have to choose our words and that the simpler it is, the better. I think it's all about saying enough. You shouldn't say too much, but you can't say too little either. The point is to make sure that you get your point across.

There's an acronym that I think goes well with this: KISS
Keep It Simple, Stupid.

-Cooky Araneta HI 18-N

mike orlino said...

words are powerful. if you are leader, you can use it against your enemy. however the might of words has no biased, therefore it can also work against you. i agree with what the law said. great leaders should have the capacity to moderate what they are saying.

mike orlino
hi 18 - O

Jesse said...

Uhuh. I agree.

Jesse Caparangca

Jesse said...

|--> I guess this law doesn't apply to everything..

Jesse Caparangca

ninefingertips said...

You'd have to analyse not how each law works individually, but how it contributes to the whole idea of power.

its really presentation.

you have a law about how you will start talking to people.

it isn't exactly about being complicated or being easily understood. its more of control.

control of information. truth and fact can be bent, depending on how you play your words.

you leave out a gap in what you say.

hence you shroud yourself.

your motives,


and inclinations.

i dont think the chapter meant that you speak less. by that meaning you talk like talking is painful.

its about speaking less "than necessary"

the key line i think you've neglected.

you can basically talk for hours on end and still say less than what is necessary.

when the king said

"i shall see"

whenever he acted upon something, without any explanation.

no-one can react or adjust or move against it. for nobody really knew what it is.

they can only speculate. he basically controlled the succeeding events.

this isn't limited to enemies as well.

you can use it for friends. you don't have to tell them about everything that's going on. and why should you?

Its for their own good right?

by saying less than necessary

you keep everyone, happy, unaware, off-guard and not knowing a damn thing.

Mark Bantayan
Hi18 O

ninefingertips said...

Its manipulating the truth.

without being a liar.

because lying is for the weak

mike orlino said...

hahaha. jesse, you've applied immediately the law! you've said "i agree" and said less than what the others are saying. =D

mike orlino
Hi 18 O

joanne atienza said...

hahahaahaha... i was laughing so hard when i read jesse's comment (not in a bad way). nice one! you did apply the apply. :)

However, it made me think.. what would that mean? You said, "i agree" but then on your next comment, you said. "I guess this law doesn't apply to everything.."

I believe you need to clarify your point... it seems now (seeing you applied the law) that saying less than necessary is not as always good.

What do you think, mr. orlino? :)

joanne atienza said...

Cooky! very very nice! (applause) Love it.
"Keep it simple, stupid."
hahaha... :)

LEXX AQUINO: A friend pointed this out to me, "The more things you say, the bigger the chance of you uttering something false."

>>> but the SMALLER the chance of you telling something TRUE :) How would your friend now account for that, mr. aquino?

-It should always be ENOUGH.
:Joanne Atienza N

ram c hidalgo said...

wonderful... however, people must always keep in mind that these small words when said wrongly would also give the same magnitude of "negative-ness" as would if said correctly and give a magnitude of "positive-ness". so think, feel and anticipate before speaking or writing even. :D

Eric said...

*nothing personal, okay?*

I guess I tried keeping the length of my post within the range specified in the syllabus; and I guess I was also trying to apply the law by being concise.

The downside of saying less than 'necessary' is that people might not get your point. True--- so, of course, it is in your discretion whether or not to clarify what you mean to say, which, in turn, gives you power, and control, to how much knowledge your audience receives.

This also goes hand in hand with knowing how much your audience thinks about what you say; if you know they don't think too much, then 'necessary' might mean explaining yourself more, or spoon-feeding them the information. If you know your audience minces your words and processes them carefully one by one, then you 'necessary' might mean less is more.

This law promotes thinking about what each word you say means, and how you say it; NOT NECESSARILY scrimping on your words to the point of making yourself unintelligible and vague.

The same way that a 'short' novel can actually say nothing, while another 'short' novel can actually mean so much, a lengthier novel can also say nothing, and an equally lengthy novel can mean so much. However, novels are novels, and they all are still necessarily composed of many words to be called a novel. Given this analogy, saying less yet meaning more in a novel, is the technique in keeping your reader interested throughout the novel.

After even more thought on this law, I guess this law refers to how much meaning, identity and strategy your words reveal--not necessarily the quantity of your words themselves.

Eric Andres
HI 18 Section N

mariel said...

I think it all comes down to WHAT you say. If what you have to say is good enough to be said in a statement or so, than good for you! Less is more, I agree, but make sure that being less does not lessen the clarity of your statement, let alone ruin the whole point of what you wanted to say in the first place.

Also, people who say too much, are usually people who aren’t so sure about what they are saying. Having more to say doesn’t really mean that it is better than someone who speaks less.

In thinking about your law, I remembered Yoda from Star Wars, and how he would only speak in limited statements, oftentimes keeping the little details out of it entirely. He was able to gain respect and an aura of mystery with his short-but-sweet conversation-enders.

And so, too keep from babbling on, and to be in line with this law, I shall say,
“Stop typing, I must.”

Marian Janelle C. Aliwalas
HI 18 N

biks said...

Saying less than necessary is a great way of expressing power. It shows that you know more yet you will not share it to others. Well, enough talking. That's it.

See what I mean?

Don Faylon

MiRz_29 said...

This law reminds me of the saying, "Less talk, less mistake." Saying less than necessary is not only a matter of economizing the words you say but also a matter of being able to express your ideas in few meaningful words. Moreover, I believe that a leader who talks a lot has really nothing to say. Because as a leader, s/he must exhibit discipline and conciseness whenever s/he talks.

A piece of advice: think before you speak, and choose your words wisely.

Miriam R. Reyes

patricia said...

Being able to move people with a few choice words is a mark of a greatness. Create impact in the most efficient and direct way, rather than going in circles, only to end up going back to what you said first. This is really annoying, especially when what you're trying to get across is a difficult matter.

Know what to say and how to best say what you want without it being a drag. It's better to say something that may be brief but will stay in the minds of people that to give a whole sermon a have people sleeping on you.

Patty Geollegue

Marvin Velasco said...

I've been following this law ever since I was a kid. My mom would always tell me to think before I speak. So I always assess the situation beforehand to make sure that what I'm about to say would be beneficial, or at least make me not look stupid.

Marvin Velasco
Hi18 N

katherine conde said...

Need I say more?

Really. It’s just a matter of choosing your words wisely. It does not matter either you say more or less—you could seem to be foolish either way, depending on what you’ve said.
I guess it's not really on the 'how' but more of the 'what'.
Katherine Conde
Hi18 O

angge said...

More than saying less equals less mistakes and saying less will have people treasure those things you say because you say so little, i think that this law is more on what you don't say, you're keeping what you think to yourself. By doing so, people will feel like you're keeping a secret and what do people do when they want to find out about a secret? They go out of their way to make you that they're worthy of your trust. Right there's your opportunity to manipulate and do whatever you want to these people. (my goodness, i don't know where that thought came from! didn't think i could be this manipulative. hahaha!)

kirag. said...

I agree with Katherine. People should focus on the “what” comes out of his or her mouth.

In addition to what she said, I think that it’s useless to speak few words if those words are of no value or plain nonsensical. It’s also useless to chat up a conversation with a lot of words without even reaching one’s main point.

Kira Gochuico
HI 18 N

Please comment on: LAW 17

kirag. said...

Moreover, it’s also wise to be prudent in choosing one’s words (as what has been implied in Katherine’s comment) and also the amount of words one utters in a particular circumstance.

There are definitely times when a person just needs to say “less than necessary” and sometimes, say more to be able to explain one’s self or what is needed to be explained clearly (and then sometimes to really stop talking and just listen). :D

It’s important to remember to use words in the right amount at the right time. :D

When you know how to balance what you say then people will see you as a person who thinks about what he or she will say and someone who knows what to say in the right amount at the right time. They will see you as a careful person and will, thus be convinced of your capability of leadership in this area. :D

Kira Gochuico
HI 18 N

kirag. said...

To further explain what I’ve said earlier, I don’t think it’s really necessary to follow this law always. I mean when you say less at the wrong time, then people might deem you as a person who either can’t explain what you want to say or aloof at the subject at hand.

This law would definitely NOT be a very good thing for a teacher to do in class. I mean imagine this if teachers did this in class then we, students, would find difficulty in learning the topic at hand. :D

And this is especially something really bad to do during recitations in class and even in orals. Oh-oh, one might get a low grade if one follows this during those times. :D

Sometimes it’s also good to say “more.”

Kira Gochuico
HI 18 N

kirag. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kirag. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kirag. said...

Oh, I just remembered something very important in relation to this law.

I believe that what one says reflects what is in his or her heart.

Matthew 15:18 says, “But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart…”

Whether one says less or more in whatever circumstance, it is important to note that the content of what a person says exactly reflects what his or her heart truly contains. So, anyone, a leader or any person of power for that matter can be seen for what he or she really is by just looking at what he or she says.

Check your heart before you speak; when you do you might just realize what’s going on in your heart. What comes out of your mouth, whether less or more, may make you or break you in whatever circumstance, especially in your role as a leader.

(Oh! I just realized something; I’ve just said a lot of things. Oh, the irony! D
Don’t worry, I guess this is my last comment on this blog. :D)

Kira Gochuico
HI 18 N

alan mamonluk said...

This law is to stop people from expecting too much from you. If you don't say a lot of promises, they won't make you fulfill those unsaid promises. Sometimes, it may become too much for you to stomach that you will not be able to handle it.

Alan Mamonluk

patrickdioxide said...

This law absolutely makes sense. When you say less, it's like poetry: you open what you say to many interpretations ---thus making you sound like a genius if ever anyone found something profound about what you said.

Patrick Reyes Hi18O

biks said...

@ Patrick's comment

Poetry is saying with a few words that are really necessary to be understood. But it makes less mistakes. Very compact and needs analysis, a sign of genius.

I guess saying less than necessary means you leave them hanging giving you an impression that you know more than them. If they don't understand it, might as well ignore them or deceive/manipulate them.

Don Faylon

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