Friday, December 19, 2008

Law 44: Disarm and Infuriate With the Mirror Effect

Nothing can beat the mirror in being able to produce the clearest reflection of an image. But the incredibility of mirrors doesn’t end there. Who would have thought that reflection images of mirrors can be a tool for deception?

The Mirroring Effect can be described in four different ways:

Neutralizing Effect. Mimic the actions of your opponents and they will be confused and blinded by your actions. They wouldn’t know what exactly your agenda is. This also gives you a time to plan for a new tactic to win over your enemy.

Hallucinatory Effect. Disguising as another person by mirroring his whole being (actions, attitude, appearance), can be really deceiving. The similarity of the fake and the real will give you the power to do whatever you like while people think you’re someone else.

Moral Effect. When people have done something that has hurt you, the best way to make them realize how much hurt they caused is to do the same thing to them. Give them a taste of their own medicine, and they’ll feel ashamed of their actions.

Narcissus Effect. A person will naturally be attracted to someone who is like him/her. If you reflect back to a person his/her qualities, it will make the person feel that you can connect with each other. Therefore, your reflection of someone else’s personality will bring you closer to the winning the person’s heart.

Marie Mancini, despite being the ugly duckling among her sisters, was the girl who captured the heart of King Louis XIV. She studied the king and exerted a lot of effort to be of the same interests as him. She reflected the king’s fantasies and passion for glory, making the king long for conversations with her. By mirroring the king, she was able to make him fall for her.

Undeniably, the power of the Mirror Effect can do many things. But you see, using the mirror effect will require a lot of effort. This includes getting to know your enemy, spying on them, knowing how your enemy’s mind works, and making sure you won’t get caught. Do you think all these efforts will be worth it?

And, are people that desperate that they’ll do anything, even deceive friends, for power?

Dana Cammayo



Anonymous said...

I agree with the narcissus effect that a person will naturally be attracted to someone who is like him/her. People who like the same things become closer because in addition to the fact thay they understand and compliment each other, they both enjoy and share the passion on what they are doing.

In connection with the law, if you are closer to one person, you have a greater chance of manipulating him/her because he/she trusts you more. Thus, making it easier for you to disarm or infuriate that person.

Tom Manahan
Hi 18- K

sambau said...

The sad thing, Dana, is that yeah, even your own friends can betray you when in the face of power. It's everything the law I got, Law 2, says. Ironically, the closer you get to someone, the easier it is to betray him or her. I guess that's why the Narcissus Effect is so powerful. If you act like a person, you can get to know him: his likes, dislikes; it becomes that much easier to deceive him.

Unfortunately, people are naturally greedy. Power can make us do crazy things. I believe, however, that the Mirror Effect can produce a different kind of reflection. It can reflect who your true friends are. Because I believe that true friends will never let power get the best of them. A true friend should never, will never deceive you in the face of whatever power and riches.

Sam Bautista

Anonymous said...

I think the hard thing about carrying on the Narcissus and Hallucinatory effects is that you’d actually find yourself liking or taking into real habit the things that you have tried to copy from your enemy or target. Who knows? You might even start thinking you’re real friends with them which will of course be doubly hard for you. Do you continue your friendship with your target or carry on with your deception since with this way, you get what you aimed for and a friend as a bonus?

monica ang, L

Anonymous said...

i think that this law allows us to avoid acting in response to an action.

i also think that mirroring someone's actions shows a lack of creativity despite how much it will help us advance in terms of power. i have to wonder why a lot of these laws involve, not the actual process of taking power, but wresting power away from someone else -- is there no way of attaining power for oneself that doesn't include bringing anyone else down?

i understand this law means to make us aware of our actions and their greater effects (because mirroring something clarifies it, magnifies the act and prompts us to take a closer look) but this law also, inadvertently, reveals how little room there is for the powerful to actually exercise that power.

kyra ballesteros Hi18K

Anonymous said...

Deception really is one of the keys in obataining power. Though with this "Mirror effect" scheme, I think the person would have a hard time if ever he uses this to a person that eventually becomes his friend. Since you are mimicking every aspect the other person has, your system will eventually adapt to it making you vulnerable too. Now that's the hard part, on how you will be able to step back instead and manage things by not letting emotions manage you.

Mikail Lambino
Hi18 - L

Anonymous said...

the problem is that you HAVE to know who you are mirroring. it's not that easy to mirror someone you've just met and hurt you or whatever.

also, this can also backfire. If mirroring someone causes that someone to realize that you're mirroring him, that means, he will know your next move. that can be a weakness.

So get a mirror. look at yourself and smile. HAHAHA!

Raf Sobrepena Hi- K

Anonymous said...

i would like to mention one famous saying, "begin with the end in mind." one must first be aware of his goals, what he wants from other people, and if he or she wants that object so badly. if that object is truly something important and valuable, then the mirror effect can be used.

in the context of deceit, you must really be able to be a good actor to make others fall into your trap. not only this, you must also make sure that the people you are dealing with are people you will surely and easily fool. or else, they might be able to see through you and know that you are just deceiving them. if you don't know that they know that you are just tricking them, then you might not succeed.

that is why the mirror effect must be planned and executed carefully. you want things to be in place in order to have a smooth time doing the mirror effect. if you are successful, you might be able to get what you want from others.

-Philip Albert T. Verde
Hi18 K

Anonymous said...

This law is really cool, and the way it was explained is really interesting. I think that mirroring works in part because people, especially in battle or in dealing with life/stressful or threatening situations, tend to ignore or actively counteract their weaknesses and negative characteristics. Also, a very small number of people are completely acquainted or comfortable with who they are. When you mirror your opponent, they will be forced to see negative aspects of themselves. They'll have a harder time dealing with something annoying if it's a personal flaw than if it were yours. More simply put, make your enemy deal with a few personal demons. If they happen to be in denial about this demon/flaw, there's the chance they'll ignore it in you, leaving major chinks in their armor. You're also pointing out a weakness in them, and dealing with that will hamper their performance.
Dominique Du, L

Anonymous said...

sorry, pahabol lang.
what i meant by the last part was that you'll slow them down when you make them realize that they have deficiencies that they have to repair. yeah. hehe. thanks.

Anonymous said...

it's already hard to be a good impersonator. it's way way harder to act like someone but then still maintain your way of thinking... so you still have that element of surprise. gets? if you mimic the person completely, then definitely that person will know what you're doing. but if you can bring out something totally unexpected (which is yours), then that's when this law can be helpful. ... but like i said, that's really difficult. personally, i think it's too much effort.

ocampo 18-k

Anonymous said...

Basically what this law stands for is giving your opponent an illusion of something that is not as concrete as he or she thinks it is.

I believe in these effects to the point that it somehow persuades and changes the perspective of an individual towards you.

However, I believe that the moral effect could not always be the best solution to get back at someone. Why fight fire with fire if you could use water? There could be other ways to give someone a taste of their own medicine. I also think that not everyone gets affected by the narcissus effect. Ever heard of the term opposites attract? Sometimes people crave for something that they lack or aren't. It honestly depends on who it is.

Hi- L Richard Hahn

happy hammy said...

I just think that all the effort for power using this law is not worth it. While reading about Marie Mancini, I could not help but think if she did not mind losing her own identity just to be like the king and for the king to like him. Come to think of it, was she happy in the end because she was able to make the king fall for "her", which was not the real her in the first place?

If I were her, I'd go for someone who has the same (real) interests as I do and be happy with that guy even if he's not the king, I won't push things...but then again this is about power...and power does not mean happiness all the time.

Leng Desuasido
Hi18 L

Anonymous said...

I believe that in the art of "war" one has to use these mirror effects to win. We don't live in a society where one's intentions are directed towards the good of the community or society. In order to survive in this kind of world, one has to be a step ahead of everyone else. By utilizing this law, people will be able to sneak up on their opponents and manipulate them in every way that they can. This law is very cunning. It allows you to hit your opponent without him knowing.

It's sad to think that people will use someone like this and use the trust one gets against that same person. But the truth of the matter is that such people exist; thus, it's for the best if we all put our guard up and be wary to not fall for any traps such as these mirror effects.

Teri Marcelo
Hi 18-K

chiocebrero said...

You cannot mimic an opponent unless you know how his internal mechanisms work. Everything from the way his mind works to his personality and psyche must be mirrored when applying this law. That's why it's important to consider that those closest to you are the ones who can use this law against you the most.

I think it's a bit cynical to think about the possibility of friends going against your back by using this law, but it's very much possible considering how the law works. I guess the trick here is to spot the mirror effect when it is being used against you. The mirror effect can produce feelings of false flattery (imitation is the best form of flattery, after all), so it's important to take exaggerated displays of admiration with a grain of salt.

Chio Cebrero
Hi 18 L

Gliza said...

I agree with the moral effect of this law -- the one which states, give them a taste of their own medicine.

It's just like having someone hurting you in any way possible, be it physically or emotionally. Though you don't actually do anything, she continues to make your life miserable by continuously picking up on you (acting as if she's superior). You know her as one of your closest friends, and you know her in and out. Then, you decide to turn the tables around and work your way to destroy her, the way she has been destroying you. Since you know her, you could use it to your advantage to get empathy from others and have them revolt against her. Soon enough, almost everyone would be against her. Let her feel what you have felt, from all those years of being tortured.

Gliza Marasigan

Dana said...

To Raf Sobrepena:

True, one has to know well the person to be 'mirrored', and that's why i mentioned that using the mirror effect requires a lot of effort. You would have to spy on your enemy first before being able to mimic him.
As for the danger of using this tactic, imagine your enemy discovering you mimicking his actions. Then, the enemy will be in control of YOUR actions. He can do things he wants YOU to do, since he knows you're gonna mimic him anyway. So instead of you deceiving a person by imitating him, you end up being the one deceived. One, then, must make sure that the enemy doesn't notice you mimicking him. This also means that one really cannot be certain that this tactic will work.

Dana Cammayo

Dana said...

To Leng Desuasido:

I actually think using the Narcissus Effect is quite pathetic if your goal is to make the person you like fall for you.
Like you, I’d go for someone who has the same interests as me rather than me forcing myself to be of the same interests as another person.
Some people, though, use this tactic to earn the trust of someone to be able to manipulate his actions afterwards. Only a person with a stone heart would be able to do that. Imagine putting a lot of effort earning someone's trust then making the person realize that the friend (or even lover) he earned is actually an enemy. That would break the person's heart. If this tactic was used on me, I most probably would have a hard time trusting people again.

Dana Cammayo

Anonymous said...

I think this law is best applied in marketing and sales! I don't now I just realized that when selling something to someone, it's best that you mirror him, specifically using the Narcissus Effect. By trying to be in-tune with your customer, he/she will certainly be more inclined to buy your product since he/she assumes you know what he/she wants!

This law has given me a better view on the practicality on all of the laws.

Alan Ortiz
HI18 K

Anonymous said...

While I agree with the comments on the Narcissus effect, one still has to understand that this effect is relative; it depends upon the circumstances.

A person also gets attracted to someone who has a different personality. Opposites attract, they say. It may be a cliche but this is just because it is reality.

In choosing a partner, you find someone who complements your personality. For instance, you are a short-tempered person. You don't look for someone who's the same. Rather, you should find someone who can last a short-tempered person. If both of you have bad tempers, you will just piss each other off. You may make things work out in the beginning but eventually, this certain trait could also lead to your relationship's end.

The Narcissus effect is not applicable at all times. As I have said before, it depends upon the circumstances.

Monica Copuyoc
Hi18 - L

Reggae Princess said...

This, I find, is extremely hard.

I believe in what other psychologists claim: Personality is not static. Our environment has some kind of an effect on it.

I find that this statement is related to this law in the sense that the personality of the one mirroring can change in relation to the environment of the one he or she's trying to mirror and in effect, he or she would genuinely adapt that same personality.

What if in trying to mimic somebody (such as in the Narcissus effect), you lose yourself in the person you're trying to mimic- blurring the fine line between who you really are and the persona you are trying to pull? Once that occurs, the plan would backfire. Even though at the beginning, you were the one who were doing the mirroring, you would think that the one you're trying to mirror is actually like you and you'd be the one liking him/her- you'd be the one with the weakness. The tables will be turned.

-Marion Causing, Hi18-K

Sean said...

I agree with this law. Who can like me more than me? Finding people with the same interests and such is the basis of forming friends. I have noticed that many of the groups are very similar in mannerisms or interests or goal. Take for example the "jock" group. They are generally personified as muscle bound with a great interest in sports or the "gamers" whose general interest falls in the games division.

Sean Co
Hi 18 K

Anonymous said...

As somebody mentioned in the comments, I also think that this law will be very useful in the field of marketing.
To answer the questions, for me, going through all the procedures might not be worthy if we don't perfectly master the strategies. Knowing the enemy perfectly and hiding our identities are the two things that are really hard to master. However, this strategy requires those two procedures. I guess, if we don't have the confidence that we can perfectly manage to hide the identity and have a good grasp of the enemy's identity, it is better to just go with the flow.:)

Yu Chin Hong

Elise Lim said...

If mirroring is the only way to gain power, then i don't think it's worth it. When you succeed by exerting so much power into imitating, reflecting back, or mirroring, there is a very large possibility of losing yourself, which in my opinion, would be a Pyrrhic victory.

In order for this law to be effective, one must have a very strong sense of self, so as to not lose his/her identity.

Elise Noelle Anne Lim
Hi18 Section L

Anonymous said...

i dont think this law will make anyone genuinely powerful, it might help somebody come at par with someone powerful. i believe being powerful is more than just being a copy cat, or a mirror monkey, being powerful entails a genuine trait.

Cristal Chael Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

I like the Narcissus effect the best. Though people often say "opposites attract", in the long run, I think it can be a cause for arguments. Not understanding things from another person's point of view can not only be frustrating but to a point, infuriating. Finding people who reflect the same views, ideas and ideals as you will form a natural attraction between the two of you and this attraction can allow you to interact with each other and collectively form new ideas and concepts that can be carried out successfully.

Regina A. Yulo
Hi 18 L

Anonymous said...

this law may prove effective in a few instances, however, it could not be guaranteed to work in general occasions. for one thing, the mere mimicry of an opponents actions does not guarantee victory inasmuch as the opponent, to an extent, still dictates your next move. in some cases, it could even make it easier for your enemy to defeat you as you would become more predictable, rather than deceiving. On the other hand, it could not always be said that a person would always be attracted to someone of the same interests. yes, there is such a thing as two pees in a pod. however, just as much as that holds true, so too does its counterpart, opposites attract.

-Angelo Mendoza, His18-L

Anonymous said...

This is a great law. There are so many ways of using it that you can choose whichever step is appropriate for a specific situation. But I agree that it will be a difficult law to carry out. It has so many benefits so it’s only natural that the needed input is also higher than usual.

Knowledge is something needed for this law – knowledge about the other to be imitated. That’s why if this is to be done, the subject of imitation should be worth all the troubles. Choose wisely; preferably a person super powerful like a king for example.

I agree with Cristal, though, a copycat is still just a copycat...

Chris Macalinao
Hi18 - L

PC Magnaye said...

This law reminded me of the film we watched for Hi18 yesterday -- Hannibal. Although Hannibal had great tactics on how to crush Rome, his plans backfired when Scipio used his own tactics against him. This law is very effective in situations like that. Sadly, people whom you may call friends could use this law against you, making betrayal more painful for you.

PC Magnaye,

Anonymous said...

Getting into someone head can be a very useful weapon. It could cause an enemy to be discombobulated and be unable to act. It could also show you more of the opponents attacks, as he will have to react to his own attacks that you are mimicking.

Your example it very interesting. It's like a hidden courtship, as the female was depicted to do effort into enticing the male.

-Jan Leyson
Hi18 K

Dana said...

To Marion Causing and Yu Chin Hong:

Control is very important when using this trick. It's hard to mimic a person when you're in front of him then be your real self again when he turns his back. Yes, losing oneself may happen in the process. But as long as you know what you're doing, and as long as you can control yourself, i don't think there'll be a problem in pulling this one off.

Dana Cammayo

Dana said...

To Richard Hahn:

Regarding the moral effect, there are other ways to make someone learn from his mistake, but oftentimes, just telling the person isn't enough. What makes the moral effect effective is it makes the person realize how much damage he has done, because he'll actually experience it too. The best way, then, to avoid being a victim of this moral effect is to follow the golden rule: do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you :p

Dana Cammayo

Dana said...

To Sam Bautista:

I see how your law (law 2) is related to mine. One of the reasons why your law exists is because of people who use the Narcissus Effect. People can establish a connection with you by mirroring you, then reveal their hidden agenda after. To protect themselves, people choose to not trust as much.
Of course, it wouldn't hurt to think that most of the people around us are not trying to deceive us. I guess it's a matter of having faith in people.

Dana Cammayo

Dana said...

To Chio Cebrero:

You're may be right about considering those closest to us being the people most capable of using the mirror effect against us, but i wouldn't want to keep myself thinking of that possibility.
I realized, after reading your comment, how Narcissus Effect is related to law24: Playing the Perfect Courtier. Both involves flattering the target before getting to the real deal.

Dana Cammayo

Dana said...

In addition to my previous comment, it's really hard to spot people using the mirror effect on you (most esp the Narcissus Effect) while they're still on it. Most likely, people will be blinded by flattery and will just realize the real intention of the person when he/she reveals his/her true color.

sericachuarojas said...

I don't quite agree with the moral effect. When someone has wronged you, and it is his fate to suffer as you did then so be it. But leave it up to the circumstances to do the same thing to them. It's much better this way because not only does it save you the energy to beat the crap out of your enemy, but it's also a way for you to channel all your energies to things that matter more than trying to bring someone down.

Chua Rojas, Serica
Hi18 - L

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